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Updating xp service pack

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Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010 and Office 2013 service packs have been cumulative.

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For example, Windows XP SP3 contains all the fixes that are included in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).Windows XP is perfect for multi-boots (not BCD dependent) and I still reboot from Windows 8 into Windows XP to use it for work.Windows XP allows you to group files or folders on different parts of the screen whereas in Windows 7/8, you can *only* do this on the Desktop and nowhere else.So if you need to group files/folders on the screen for work (for easier sorting) - there is no alternative but to reboot into Windows XP.If I am looking for something important on the system for work, I reboot into Windows XP and use Windows XP's Search Engine because Windows 7/8 Search Engine is more difficult to use and is not as reliable as Windows XP Search Engine.Four out of five of the flaws fixed in today’s patch batch earned a “critical” rating, Redmond’s most severe.

Chief among them is a bug in the Help and Support Center on Windows XP and Server 2003 systems that’s currently being exploited by crooks to break into vulnerable machines.

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When should I not install Windows XP Service Pack 3: XP-KB953356-x86Service packs don't fix issues that already present their symptoms.

Microsoft released an interim “Fix It” tool last month to help users blunt the threat from this flaw, The one vulnerability addressed in July’s roundup that didn’t earn a critical rating — an “important” flaw in the way Microsoft Outlook handles attachments — probably should have, at least according to security vendor Symantec Corp.

“It appears fairly simple for an attacker to figure out and create an exploit for, which could cause executable file e-mail attachments, such as malware, to slip past Outlook’s list of unsafe file types,” wrote Joshua Talbot, security intelligence manager for Symantec Security Response, in a post on the company’s blog.

Don't depend on SP3 to fix problems such as this, unless it's specifically detailed in the SP3 documentation that they will be fixed. SP3 doesn't only fix existing known bugs in Windows XP, causing it to be more stable, but it also fixed security holes.