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Maryse ouellet dating the miz

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Kelly has had flings with numerous WWE Superstars over the years, the most prominent being a two and a half year relationship with Test.They split up shortly before Test’s untimely death.

Always one to stay in Miz's corner, new mom and former "Real World: Back to New York" cast member Coral Smith shared her virtual congratulations once she got word that her buddy was a married man. Hey, whatever else you want to say about Kanellis, at least she speaks her mind. So far, neither Blank or Ouellet has come out to confirm or deny that the Bella Twins used their political power to have their contracts pulled, and due to her relationship with current WWE star Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, Ouellet isn't likely to badmouth the twins or the company either.Speaking to Raj Giri, the ROH valet opened up about the source of her heat with the's all very Me and Dolph Ziggler were very close friends. Check out the photos of Mike and his new bride, and be sure to send the couple your best!A former Divas champion, Kelly Kelly was renowned mostly for her looks rather than her skills inside the ring.TMZ Sports obtained photos of their nuptials -- which took place Thursday at the One and Only Ocean Club -- where they said "I Do" in a garden overlooking the ocean and filled with 12th century ruins.

We're told a private party was held for the newlyweds afterward at the Atlantis resort ...

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis has dished the details of her well-publicized heat with Nikki and Brie Bella in a recent interview with Wrestling Inc.

To say things have gotten nasty between the twins and the former cover girl would be a huge understatement.

Wrestlers understand eachother’s plight, that they have to sacrifice so muchtime to perfect their craft and that they have to livelife on the road.

Gossip is a part of the wrestlingworld, so it’s time to play the role of Hollywoodtabloids.

Randy Orton has since claimed that Kelly has been with at least ‘10 guys on the roster’ and reports say that she had dated Justin Gabriel and Batista during her final days with the company.