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Drew roy dating miranda cosgrove

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Rene, as Catherine, is a brilliant female investigator hired to retrieve a stolen Monet painting from the charming and daring Thomas Crown.

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An even better question, how did she dance at court balls with her massive headdresses?Even before the film formally opened noted fashionistas have been swarming to adopt modern versions of Marie Antoinette's hair, beauty and fashion trends.Fashion and jewels aside, Marie Antoinette was famous for her extravagant three foot high coifs that were often outrageously adorned with feathers, miniature sculptures of ships and an array of glittering opulent jewels.Luckily, Jerky Flea, the Hair Boutique king of celebrity hair, includes details and photos of Rene in several of his Celebrity Hairspray columns.One of the most popular questions about Rene involves whether her look for the hot Thomas Crown movie is a wig or not.To achieve the big hair, the royal hairdressers would use layers and layers of padding along with pomades and other styling products to lift the young Austrian born queen's hair several feet into the air. It turns out that the Queen was unhappily married to her husband, Louis XVI.

Consequently she chased away her boredom by shopping. Spending lavishly on the latest fashions, jewels and adornments, she exceeded her clothing allowance every year to the horror of the French court and citizens.

Indeed, Marie Antoinette often towered over her pale and sickly husband, Louis XVI by several feet.

Being a queen that always took hair, beauty and fashion trends to excess, Marie Antoinette would spend many hours undergoing very elaborate hairdressing rituals.

Carly Shay (born July 24) is the protagonist of the TV series i Carly, and her own web show, i Carly.

She is the younger sister of Spencer Shay and the daughter of Colonel Steven Shay and Mrs. She lived with her older brother in Apartment 8-C at Bushwell Plaza, while their father is stationed on a Navy submarine and her mother is never mentioned.

8-D) and has had a crush on her since the day they met.