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Audrey case and matthew kazmierczak dating

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returns to Wednesday nights with a special evening devoted entirely to the choreographic work of three-time Emmy Award-winner Mia Michaels, showcasing her best routines from the past eight seasons.

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Having never seen the series before, the former Royal Ballet dancers have the freedom to give unbiased and constructive criticism on the contestants’ technique and performance quality—something the show sometimes lacks.THANK U FOR 5 WONDERFUL YRS,” then she followed up with, “THANKS SYTYCD AND LOOK FORWARD TO WHATS AHEAD FOR ME…LOOKOUT WORLD!!!!!” The show’s executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe confirmed on October 15, 2009, Michaels’ immediate departure from the show.Audrey is called in to get the news whether she's in the Top 20 or not.She confesses that her direct competition is fellow jazz dancer Tiffany Maher.Once again, Eliana, whose winged eyeliner and beehive give her an Amy Winehouse-inspired edge, outshines Cyrus.

William and Billy agree and tell the ballet dancer, “You would have me begging for mercy [after that routine].” However, Cyrus finds some moments to make his own as well, including a “ticking ripple action” as he gyrates against the door.

In the package, the dancers must describe themselves in nine seconds.

Audrey is paired up with Matthew Kazmierczak and assigned a contemporary by Travis Wall to "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers.

For the first time in nine seasons, contestants were allowed to choose their own groups for the group choreography round, in contrast to previous seasons where the groups were assigned.

With cuts made following each round of choreography, thirty-five dancers remained at the close of the week, prior to the selection of the Top 20.

She also adds that if Tiffany makes it through, she'll be very worried if she makes it through or not.