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Sister wives poly dating

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The three infants are the triplet sisters Sparrow, Lilith, and Eve. As you might have guessed from the ages of their kids, Amanda and Chad were a couple first.

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In the regions of shifting cultivation where polygyny is most frequently recorded, labor is often starkly divided between genders.In India it was known to have been practiced during ancient times.It was accepted in ancient Greece, until the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.) is the most common and accepted form of polygamy, entailing the marriage of a man with several women.Most countries that permit polygamy are Muslim-majority countries in which polygyny is the only form permitted.featuring wife Amanda Liston, her two husbands Chad Ferris and Jeremy Johnston, and their five children — which includes one-year-old triplets!

The network has been promoting the one-hour special with text graphics during its programming, but a Google search turns up nothing other than this brief episode description: I did some sleuthing and uncovered the family to be featured on the show, one of which is no stranger to being on the small screen! The older children in the photo are Atreyu (7) and Cassian (5), who are the birth sons of Chad and Amanda.

Adam and Brooke strongly believe that three parents are better than two.

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Polyandry is illegal in virtually every state of the world.

In some countries where polygamy is illegal, and sometimes even when legal, at times it is known for men to have one or more mistresses, whom they do not marry.

When a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called polyandry.