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Ac explorer error updating

ac explorer error updating-74

What has happened since that might cause something like this? Not sure why this one is a problem, but hey, it's working now!

When you release new versions of your Active X control, subscribed users visiting a site that uses the new version can choose to receive the update automatically. I plugged in a USB thumb drive that had 1-1CO771on it, then copied that patch over to Fierys desktop. System Updates showed me a very long list of patches to run. ----------- You can't update this Fiery from SP2 to SP3 any other way, you have to order SP3 upgrade kit. I think KM support has a SP2 IC-408, and/or they have not installed 1-1CO771 patch The upgrade kit finally showed up. When it came up, via Configure I enabled Remote Desktop and set date, time and time zone, then rebooted. Within 10-15 seconds I got same error message you did on yours. It should be "SP3" If it is not, contact KM Tech Support and obtain: IC-408 v2.0 SP3 upgrade. When system is rebuilt with this disc, Fiery will still be at v2.0, but underlying Windows XP-embedded version will be upgraded to SP3. But I find it hard to believe that they would let a problem like this go on for so long.... I double clicked on it and after answering "OK" to a dialog, patch installed immediately. As for KM rep stating a new motherboard was needed? I've never heard of a motherboard replacement for this issue. It has been installed, the neccesary patches installed, yet I am still getting "Error No. A week ago, KM said the issue was with the EFI servers...The new version can be installed immediately, or precached for offline installation later.

This article applies to Active X Controls, not applications or Java applets.

For information about updating applications, see Publishing Application Updates on the Web.

Support for Software Update Channels and Channel Definition Format (CDF) files began with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.

AC adapter cable and power cables may get frayed, cut and wires exposed at either end of the cables.

This may be due to the way the cable is wrapped around the AC adapter or if the cable is subject to undue stress.

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