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Dating and mind games

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One of the games that women like to play is the “give me a compliment” game. For example, if you’re wearing a new pair of earrings, and your guy doesn’t notice something ‘different’ about you, don’t get upset.Instead of badgering him about not noticing what’s different, you could simply ask him if he likes the new pair of earrings that you have on.

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What you should do If she's not clear about her feelings for you but is giving you the "I'm interested" signals, then show her you feel the same way.Why does she do it This isn't always just a matter of her trying to present herself as a challenge.Most women are wary of getting into a relationship if there is an emotional risk involved.If you truly want him to notice, and you really want his opinion; sometimes you have to ask for it.Another game that women play often is the “silent treatment” game.Here are the top six mind games women play in the dating world, explicitly deciphered just for you: You like this particular girl, who refuses to neither move in nor move back.

She sends all the right signals, but when you try and respond to them she just pulls back.

Are men judged on the basis of mind game questions that women play?

The typical guy is usually clueless about the mind games women play.

But the fact that they still give you some kind of encouraging signal suggests that you are the one they want to get “caught” by.

But if you find yourself in the situation of not knowing whether they will even answer your calls, then the chances are, you are not their type.

Come on ladies, being silent doesn’t affect a man as much as you think.