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Double your dating inner game

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I have no idea if this will actually help you "double your dating." But one thing's for sure: there's definitely a huge market for it. And yet, they manage to date the most astonishing group of women: supermodels, actresses, you name it. De Angelo is the founder of a program called “Double Your Dating.” If you visit the website, you’ll see a whole host of information products – ebooks, DVDs, and even seminars and workshops.

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Where The Game and pickup artistry tend to focus on walking up to strangers and creating attraction in the least amount of time, the Art of Seduction stretches the timeframe out and explores long-term, often labor-intensive seductions.It's that you FEAR that a woman will react in a negative way to what you have to say. But I'm no superman: I'm an average looking guy, with an average income and an average home... Rejection is actually a TEST a woman throws your way to determine if you're made of the right stuff.You see, women are a lot more selective than us guys about who they sleep with.Otherwise don't expect to hear from me probably again. Carlos Xuma I'm willing to bet that you're not reading this right now because you're happy with the results you've been getting with women so far.Still out on the road doing research for the next book, but I took some time off to prepare an important list for those of you on your own Game-related self-improvement journey.

Many people who’ve read want to know what books influenced me as I was learning.

Here are a few key messages that help De Angelo generate massive sales numbers: - Anyone Can Do It: This is the single most important message.

De Angelo makes it clear from the start that dating amazing women isn't just a privilege for a small number of guys.

when I use the two rules I always see results and I see how every deviation from the two rules screws me over.

I started to fade as the party went on, I'm gonna work on it dramatically.

I walked through his entire sales funnel, including signing up for his free e-mail newsletter.