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Who is ashwin sood dating

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The singer opens up about her breakup from ex-husband Ashwin Sood.Back in the '90s, Sarah Mc Lachlan's emotional ballads were on the post-breakup song playlists of women, everywhere.

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In an interview with, the now-single mom of two opened up about her divorce and how she "entered an emotional hole so horrid that she never expected to be able to make music again, let alone return to the stage.""Coming to terms with the fact that my marriage was a failure was devastating and very difficult," said Sarah. It took me a very long time to get over it."The couple, who married in 1997 in Jamaica, broke up 11 years later, amid rumors that Ashwin had cheated.For that they plan to get him married to Avantika (Shruti Hassan). Chai (Varun Tej) lives in Spain along with his parents while his grandpa Pichaiah Naidu (Nassar) resides in a village near Andhra - Karnataka border.Meera (Hebah Patel) comes to Spain for a five days visit and also brings with her a problem. In India, he meets another girl Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripathi) who ...The story of a pampered girl who is uncertain about settling for an arranged marriage.When her father gives her an opportunity to look for a suitor, she falls in love with three of them and gets into a fix.“I was always testing the limits of their patience” — traits that make for an interesting life narrative.

Sarah Mc Lachlan has described her divorce from ex-husband Ashwin Sood as "devastating".

But she values his talents as a drummer, which resulted in their collaboration on her last album.

And he is the father of her children, which means that he remains ultimately a part of her life.

“Performing, even more than food, was my first love.

I loved drama, improvisation, being on stage — all of it. “I was the class clown, the naughty one, always cracking jokes behind the teacher,” he says.

Only in the aftermath did it become clear just how heartbroken she was over the failure of her marriage.