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Cecilia liu dating

The plot revolves around a single mom, her HIV positive daughter and a doctor that walks in to their lives.Xiao Han is the comely single mom whose angelic little girl unknowingly contracts HIV.

It was captioned Their decision to share their dating status on social media doesn't exactly come as a surprise to anyone because the couple have often been spotted together.A fan managed to snap a photo of the couple quarreling at the filmset.Cecilia was seen storming off after an argument, with Ming Dao following her and trying to pacify her with an ice cream.Eagle-eyed netizens also pointed that on the midnight of Ming Dao’s birthday in February 2012, Cecilia was the first to send in her birthday greetings on Weibo at 12.01 am.The couple reportedly dated for 1.5 years and broke off in June 2013.He will be appearing in The Fated General opposite Rachel Mao Xiaotong and she will be appearing in Rule the World opposite Raymond Lam.

Heavenly King Andy Lau, 54, and his wife Carol Choo, 50, are expecting a second child, said Hong Kong reports.

co-stars and fans flooded the Sina Weibo social network.

As excited chatter grew over the beloved onscreen couple turning into real-life lovers, many also became curious about Nicky’s romantic past.

Angelo is an accomplished doctor who loses his girlfriend to a terminal illness and then goes looking for the the mother-daughter pair to fulfil his girlfriend's dying wish.

With such heavy stuff right off the bat, I'm thinking a box of kleenex is in order but maybe, this can still turn out to be more heart-warming and less heart-wrenching.

In an interview, Cecilia disclosed that her last relationship lasted for almost two years.