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Famous killers dating

peel me.” However, she cut things off immediately after their one date, claiming that she found him “creepy.” How right she was.Nearly four decades after a pregnant woman’s body was found on a Wyoming ranch, prosecutors have connected her death to one of California’s most prolific serial killers, Rodney Alcala.

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The photo was spotted by Thornton’s relatives in 2013.Criminals are the individuals who have committed a crime.Crimes refer to any unlawful activity that is punishable by a state.The term “criminal” is not a strictly defined one as different states have different laws regarding crimes and unlawful activities.A crime generally can be said to be an activity that causes harm to an individual, the community or the state.Often high profile criminals are given wide coverage in mass media which accords to them a sort of celebrity status.

So fascinated are people with the tales of murderers that Jack the Ripper till date remains a hot topic of discussion.

From psycho serial killings to acts of passion, there are many reasons they turn to murder.

Here James Moore looks at some of the most famous cases while a top crime writer helps us get inside the mid of women who kill.

When an ambulance crew arrived at the scene, alerted by a passer-by, they found Harvey’s stationary Ford Escort.

Andrews was beside his body, which lay in the middle of the road.

By the winter of 1996, the 27-year-old had been dating Harvey for two years.