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Stats for online dating

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Where people once cast their nets far and wide looking for romance, dating apps have scooped up and hand-delivered romantic connections for everyone’s convenience.The convenience of online dating paired with the universal pursuit of love has made dating websites and apps extremely popular platforms with large user bases and plenty of marketing opportunities.

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Annual revenue for the industry is expected to grow 7% to $1.65 billion in 2012. Many sites use advanced algorithms that allow people to find even better matches than they might find in real life, so it isn’t a great mystery as to why so many online couples are tying the knot. One out of every five singles has tried online dating. According to an online survey, only 10% said appearance was most important, a distant third behind a good sense of humor and a shared cultural background.Substantial growth is likely attributed to changing attitudes as well as the widespread use of mobile dating apps.In 2013, only 5% of 18-24-year-olds used mobile dating apps.Here are some interesting statistics about online dating (as of July 2016): Take a look at total number of people in the U. 10% – which means there are about 5 MILLION sex offenders in US only.When you provide information about yourself online, you inevitably take certain risks.Meeting someone online is significantly different from meeting someone in person.

When it comes to online dating, there is always the potential of danger quietly hiding in a seemingly harmless profile.

Dating services, whether online or traditional, can lead to more than romantic encounters.

Dating businesses, particularly online dating services , have become popular and profitable in recent years, a industry with over 41 million users and growing every day.

“Although I felt a bit of a loser, I joined an online dating agency.

I filled forms about my interests, my opinions and my personal goals – which was having a family – something I’d been too frightened to mention to my exes in the early days for fear of scaring them off.

As the number of single people grows and the popularity of online dating rises, advertisers could benefit from marketing on online dating platforms.