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Maksim chmerkovskiy and mel b dating

I thought I would last three, four, five weeks," he tells I'm not going to say it was exactly how I imagined it to be. There were tense moments, but that tension wasn't produced in the form of, "He's the bad guy" again. That realization nine years later, it was like, "You're an idiot. My goal was always to win and walk away, but I never won, so I could never walk away. Chmerkovskiy: I spent a lot of time taking acting lessons. Actors have no inhibitions and I'm inhibited by everything. Chmerkovskiy: It's on the level of "sex on a stick." I do a monologue once a day on average. "And then Meryl walks in and I go, 'Are you guys serious? It took me many years to stop imagining winning and just do my job. It was more, "This stuff is getting to him because it's so close and so real."What do you make of Julianne's "phone it in" dig? If there's no difference between second and last, I can just skate by and phone it in — pun intended — and end up last and still be happy. I have a trophy that validates nine years of being on . That would not make me happy had I walked away without a win. I never won a world ballroom title, but I left ballroom dancing competitively. To be able to make fun of yourself is a skill and a liberating experience. I have to give her credit because that experience made me fall in love with dancing again, the art of it that I was never able to put into a sentence. You put anyone in this situation, they will have a reaction. Everybody else turns their mics off, say they're having a break, drive two blocks away, get out of the car and scream uncontrollably, then come back to rehearsal. Chmerkovskiy: I'm not saying I want to part ways with the show.

Mad Maks retaliated by slamming Derek in an interview and claiming he only does well in the competition because he has partners with previous dancing experience!His victory with Meryl Davis on Tuesday seemed to be a foregone conclusion, or at least the hot pick, since the cast announcement, but Chmerkovskiy says he had no expectations when he decided to return to the show after taking two seasons off. Everything that happened this year would not have happened had it not been for her. Chmerkovskiy: One thing that was amazing this season was I felt a lot of support. It's hard for us to understand because we keep comparing people's cha-chas and everything. That's why I got even angrier because I was trying to win one to validate my effort, to be worthy of being here. Finally, I get here and I don't care about winning. I was rooting for Val and Tony and my friends, but I had no plans to come back. They kept being asked these questions about Meryl, and I was like, "Let me start talking gibberish and when I will have wasted enough time, they'll be over it." But then it became funny and people in the room were laughing. [On Wednesday] we had a big get-together at my house. It was awesome to see people's reactions in the streets. Photos: Check out sexiest costumes from Season 18 of "I really had no expectations. You guys have gotten a lot of mileage out of the romance speculation. This was the first time I was like, "So that's what it feels like when people are rooting for you." I didn't feel any different as far as treatment, like, "You get any production piece you want." But I felt that people genuinely wanted to see me succeed, and that gave me a lot of confidence. I don't think Diana Nyad's dance was any worse than Meryl and mine; it was just hers. I just wanted to do it and no longer for anybody's approval. How important was it to take the past two seasons off? I had no plans to the point even if it financially kills me. There are hours and hours of footage of me behind the scenes that if they come out, my God! Add new fall shows to your Watchlist Are they on the level of "sex on a stick"? I came up to Tom when he was cussing in dress rehearsals and I was like, "Now you know how it feels." He was like, "This is bullsh--! You have no idea in 18 seasons how much stuff there is. “Slapping her on the a**, giving it all this, it’s not the way to [teach], in my opinion,” Len said to Maks during the pair’s critique, something the professional dancer brushed off then and after the show when he spoke to “Sweetie, I’m 30 years old, I’ve been coaching since I was 14,” Maks said. I’ve had tens of thousands of people, I have students fly from Japan, from Europe, from South America — that is what I do for a living.Do you really think that I’m going to change because somebody calls me out on it? ” Maks said he can conduct himself that way in the studio with his “DWTS” celebrity partners because they get him.“It’s like this: I love Brandy, she knows that and I know that you know Mel [B], Erin [Andrews], Layla [Ali], Tia [Carrerre], Debi Mazar — everybody I’ve danced with — Denise Richards, everybody called me everyday to wish me luck,” he said.

“I love people who love me for who I am and those are the people I care about,” Maks continued.

As far as what everybody is asking romantically, these things will never be answered by me. I can be brilliant, but if people don't vote, I will be gone just like Mark and Sabrina back then, which is still the most shocking elimination.

Take into consideration, that this was a month AFTER Dancing with the Stars had finished.

Somehow, I just don't see a connection and or attraction there from Maks with and to Geri. Geri and Maksim sittin' in a tree...having a party and singin' wannabe, first comes zig, then comes zag, then comes bluebell with a brand new dad ...that's what i hope for anyway well seriously, this guy IS something to look at...

AND geri is the only one "single"..i say..a hot ballroom dancer is single as well..."work it, work it, own it and work it"...i didn't know he lived in america...i thought most of those dancers were from poland, europe, etc...excpet for that tiny blond chick that won the thing this year.

The show made a huge point about this win being about me, and that felt really uncomfortable, to be honest with you. Between what we did and what Derek was able to do with Amy, this season has been absolutely remarkable. That passion, that togetherness and that look in each other's eyes — yes, some of it was necessary for the dances to be what they needed to be from a performance standpoint. We connected right away and it was extremely creative.'s Meryl Davis on toughest routine, chemistry with Maks and what's next Almost every season without fail, there's a huge Maks temper tantrum midway. It's funny because Meryl Davis is standing next to you and she won an Olympic gold medal three months ago. Now, winning this plastic Mirrorball is just as special for these people. I did a lot of work, but it wouldn't have mattered if people weren't behind me. There's a huge group of people out there who wanted Maks to win and I want to say thank you for sticking around, and I'm sorry.