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Status updates are one of the most popular features of Facebook, but few studies have examined the traits and motives that influence the topics that people choose to update about.

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this page has been done for over a week, and really would have been done much, much sooner [new colouring method is super quick], but i've been pretty busy with life lol.Note: For the most efficient use of Star GPS with your Astro-Physics GTO system, we recommend that you change the way you have your keypad set up.Since the GPS uses Universal Time, and the keypad starts from local time, there is the potential for timing issues that affect precise calculation of the meridian (overhead hour angle) and the horizons.Furthermore, narcissists’ tendency to update about their accomplishments explained the greater number of likes and comments that they reported receiving to their updates.In September 1996, I purchased a Meade ETX Astro Telescope.Results revealed that extraverts more frequently updated about their social activities and everyday life, which was motivated by their use of Facebook to communicate and connect with others.

People high in openness were more likely to update about intellectual topics, consistent with their use of Facebook for sharing information.

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[for the record, it was a false alarm, but there was about a week and a half where we were really worried about it lol] - there's also this whole thing with this dam in california that is threatning to flood our river; again...surprise, i haven't done much with this going on...

- ...which is fine in the end, because my wrist decided in the past couple weeks to have another a flare up out of nowhere anyway.

Participants who were low in self-esteem were more likely to update about romantic partners, whereas those who were high in conscientiousness were more likely to update about their children.