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Dating an engaged woman

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A couple weeks back, I shared the pros and cons to getting engaged to a guy who was engaged before.And reader mn48225 (and a few others) wondered if a gal's previous engagement or marriage would deter a dude from proposing.

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Because of its neuron-chemical basis, it's tenacious, progressive and destructive in nature. Beautiful women who get a fair amount of attention get full of themselves, he says. When I asked him why he loves me, he said that he loves my drive and my passion, Young says.It'd make me wonder what else I'd find out."And Craig also had a caveat to his willingness to propose: "She'd have to be over the guy she was engaged or married to."Tommy definitely didn't think a past engagement or marriage was a reason not to propose."It wouldn't matter to me because I was married six years ago! Are you surprised that the guys didn't seem to mind proposing to a woman who'd been engaged or married previously?If we asked that same opinionated group of women how many of them have ever dated a married, engaged, or otherwise involved man, I wonder what percentage would raise their hands.In one of his old standup routines, Chris Rock said it best – “Men are as faithful as their options.” For every man who cheats, there is a woman who is cheating with him. If the tendency to cheat is a character flaw, then isn’t it equally wrong to participate?Obviously, men aren’t always forthcoming about their status.

But sometimes they are completely honest about their situations, and have no trouble finding willing participants.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been involved in a “men are dogs” conversation, I would be a rich woman.

I’ve even initiated the diatribe – especially when I've felt that I had been done wrong in a relationship.

On the whole he's a fantastic person, but I'm wondering whether his porn addiction is a red flag.

Do you think we should move forward in our relationship? The addiction is based on neurochemical changes that occur in the brain as a result of prolonged exposure to stimulating sexual imagery.

Should I continue a relationship with a man who seems to have a real problem with obscene and sexually explicit material?