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Guy loses interest dating

(Sorry.)It’s an ultra common scenario in the dating world.You meet a guy and everything seems like it’s going great.

I was able to save this relationship, unlike those few before him who also lost interest in me, because I learned a few things about men and love.You probably initiated everything and pushed everything forward.Now, there are many possibilities when it comes to the kind of situations women find themselves in when the man was never really that interested.Here’s a powerful tip to help you gain back his interest now that he has lost interest in you: In my past, when a man lost interest in me, I would start to panic. I would give him gifts, text him invites, offer to come over to his house and hang out to help him sort out his emotional problems.I became a mom, a buddy, and a psychologist all wrapped up in one. When you chase a man by becoming a shape-shifter for him (“I’ll shift into any role you need of me! Shape-shifting has a stench of neediness and desperation, and a man will sense that all your polite gestures aren’t free.Have you decided having children and going out of your way to force him into permanent commitment is what must happen or else you will be heartbroken and disappointed?

Let's examine the destructive nature of this way of thinking. If you build up these ideas of what must happen for you to be happy, you wind up never being happy when these expectations are not met.

The good news is that in most instances if he lost interest in you, it’s still not too late—it wasn’t too late for me.

If you follow me online, you know that the man I’m with now was once a drifter.

I’ve dated a few guys who went from in love to missing in action.

In fact, it’s more common than most people realize so don’t feel bad or that you are alone. However, what I find most often is that when a woman repeatedly suffers through men losing interest, it’s because she hasn’t discovered the little-known “gap” in men’s minds that cause them to lose interest in a woman and a relationship.

So you feel like he is losing interest and you are anxious about it.