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Field surveys and laboratory manipulations of aspects of larval diet demonstrated nutritional regulation of adult female reproductive behavior. Identifying the mechanisms of plasticity is important for understanding how species adapt to environmental change and how plasticity may influence evolutionary dynamics.Nutritional effects on larval diapause that also impact adult fitness have intriguing implications for the evolution of developmental plasticity in bees. We studied plasticity in larval diapause strategy in the alfalfa leafcutting bee, is mass-reared by the tens of thousands under controlled conditions, so adult emergence can be synchronized to alfalfa bloom.

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We studied the regulation of phenotypic plasticity in an important agricultural pollinator, the solitary alfalfa leafcutting bee ( diapause plasticity and how diapause plasticity affects adult female reproductive behavior.Baylor’s award-winning oral historians equip participants to get started using oral history methodology through instruction on project design, ethical and legal considerations, recording equipment, interviewing techniques, and processing and preserving oral history.Find out more about the “Getting Started with Oral History” workshop and register, beginning June 10, at or e-mail [email protected] forage for alfalfa leaves, which they cut and carry to their nest to construct a cell cup; they then forage for pollen and nectar to form a provision mass inside the cup.A single egg is laid on the provision, and the cell is sealed with leaf discs before construction begins on the next cell. Prints are generally arranged alphabetically by subject, and then by format.

Photographic prints in this collection are identified at item level with the exception of unmounted 8"×10" photographs, for which only folder level control exists.

The Baylor University Institute for Oral History announces its thirteenth online oral history workshop available on two consecutive Wednesday mornings, August 12 and 19, 2015.

The six-hour, interactive training attracts newcomers to oral history from around the world.

The colloquial language used in the photograph titles is derived from original titles and captions assigned by James E. Corresponding vintage negatives exist for many of the photographic prints in the collection.

However, the vintage negative date and photographic print date for the same image often are not the same.

Although these studies will have to be written by other scholars, I hope that I have made their jobs easier through my work over the summer.