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Interactive virtual girl sex chat

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They thought they were chatting online with a 10-year-old girl in the Philippines.

However, her profile will be managed by a real human being—a female one—Cloud Girlfriend's co-founder insists. It is not a sex chat or pornography service," wrote co-founder David Fuhriman on Quora."I saw a new site helping people with this: he added before revealing his role in the company.Fuhriman later told Business Insider that the service is therapeutic because it fulfills a man's psychological, emotional needs, and builds his self-confidence.Cloud Girlfriend has yet to launch, raising questions of its compliance with Facebook and Twitter's Terms of Service, but it has grabbed widespread media attention in recent days because of its unusual premise and appeal to the busy, tech-savvy, modern young man."The right virtual girlfriend can be just like having a real long-distance girlfriend, without the hassles," Fuhriman wrote on Quora last week, days before the Website was discovered by Hacker News.You can take your pick of different types of partner: the next-door girl, dominating queen, sweethearts. You could even get virtual partners who could complain and whine about stuff to you.

However, since last year, these services have been taken off from Taobao due to public concerns on its ambiguity of legal and moral grounds.

These people think they are untouchable.” The webcam child-sex tourists identified by the charity included 254 in the United States, 103 in India, 54 in Canada, 46 in Australia and 44 in Germany.

Mr Guyt urged authorities to be more proactive in tackling the problem of webcam sex with minors, which usually involves men from Western countries paying children from poorer nations for sex shows.

Sweetie first interacted with the potential predators in public chat rooms.

Researchers made sure to model their alter ego's online conversation, in style and tone, to that of a preteen Filipino girl. But what they don't know: I'm not real." To show them she was, Terre de Homme researchers hunkered in an Amsterdam warehouse, turned on a Webcam, and using software, controlled the CG girl's conversation, facial expressions, and movements (made realistic through the use of motion capture technology).

Just seconds later, multiple pop-up dialogue boxes began appearing on his screen from people using pseudonyms and soliciting the virtual ten-year-old.