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Since updating windows internet wont connect

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So i did some further investigation a found out that my setup/msi is the problem.I think at this point the sql server setup tries to stop my msi through the msiserver but with no luck.

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After installing Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista into Microsoft Virtual PC’s virtual machine (VM) (update to Virtual PC 2007 SP1) as guest operating system, and set the Networking Settings for the VM to use Shared Network (NAT) as the network adapter, the Internet appears to be not working where web browser (Internet Explorer, IE and Firefox) cannot connect, find, locate or browse to website.There are some simple ones, such as enabled Airplane mode, or the fact your i Phone /i Pad is too far from the router.The signal can be poor at times, which is why your connection can be slow. It might have saved you at least one good night's sleep. So you updated all your drivers, and you still argue that it's Bitdefender TS (a.k.a. You should have had a look at the answer above before you updated the drivers.Welcome to the Windows 10 Forums where you can ask questions or find answers on anything related to the new operating system from Microsoft.

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When I start the sql server setup from the commandline with the same parameters as in my own setup it installs just fine.

In our old Setup we did install the Sql Server 2008R2 Express like above and it worked fine.

Beside, Shared Network (NAT) allows user to easily plug and play or move the virtual machine or physical machine to different network configurations such as different Wi-Fi wireless access point, home or office network.

Most computers, including Virtual PC 2007 virtual machines can easily access Internet using Shared Networking, as easy as right after operating system is installed, which enable DHCP by default.

NAT (Network Address Translation) is an easy shared networking technique that masquerading or transceiving network traffic through a router that involves re-writing the source and/or destination IP addresses and the TCP/UDP port numbers of IP packets as they pass through.