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Asp net validating date and time

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Visible = True rtn = False Else Dim Pickup As Date If Date.

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On the application we need the date to always be in a custom format "dd/MM/yyyy" however the validation is always done in the US format "MM/dd/yyyy" and I'm at a loss why this happens. I can get around the validation for the birth Date and in Date by entering the dates in the US format in the text-boxes, however there is no such workaround for created Date which is always hidden and remains in the in the international format. The regular expression below checks for DD/MM/YYYY but of course there is no way to distinguish if something like 01 is DD or MM. Date Time Result; Date Time Format Info info = new Date Time Format Info ( ); Culture Info culture; culture = Culture Info. My approach would be to use a regexvalidator for a first quick test ("does it look like it could be a date") client-side.And then a Custom Validator with a serverside event that tries to perform a Date Time. Personally I don't trust the Compare Validator here, because I don't know for sure what format it uses (but that can be because I didn't investigate enough).//First check that textboxes are not empty if($('input[id$=txt End Date]').val()=="") var end Date=new Date($('input[id$=txt End Date]').val()); var start Date=new Date($('input[id$=txt Start Date]').val()); var effct Date=new Date($('input[id$=txt Effective Date]').val()); if(end Date//First check that textboxes are not empty if(Element By Id("txt End Date").value=="") var end Date=new Date(Element By Id("txt End Date").value); var start Date=new Date(Element By Id("txt Start Date").value); var effct Date=new Date(Element By Id("txt Effective Date").value); if(end Date Using Java Script did not give any error.But converting the value to Date type gives strange result. Element By Id("txt Completion Date").value "10/12/2014 PM" ?Here's a quick example or you can Google "custom validator".

If you exclude the "Control To Validate" property then you can validate against multiple fields. I've used regexes from in the past with success.

Hi i am trying to validate my through a textbox control for asp.

I want it to vaildate whether its empty, a date that is today or in the future not the past, and that the date format is correct MM/DD/YYY.

However, there are times when you might want to perform validation yourself programmatically.

You might validate programmatically under these circumstances: By default, the ASP.

I have three AJAX calendar controls (start date, end date and effective date) for in my project.