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Consolidating email

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But you want mail sent to Yahoo, AOL, etc., to be forwarded to your One Address. Gmail is searchable in many useful ways, and its spam filter is highly effective.

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For example, you may have a work email account, and also a private email account that you need to access.I've written about both of these approaches, in Email Consolidation: How-To Collect Email From Other Accounts and Email Consolidation: How-To Forward Email to Other Accounts, respectively.In this article, I'd like to turn my attention to client-based email account consolidation.From a quick and dirty porting perspective, however, Domino's simplest use is as the core element in a Microsoft Exchange replacement scenario aimed at consolidating multiple Windows based Exchange servers on one larger machine.The key to this is that you don't have to change all your Outlook clients to do it - according to IBM's features support comparison almost everything Outlook can do in an all Microsoft environment is now also fully supported in Domino.Using this method the email management and access is kept completely separate..

If the email accounts are from different email providers then you can open all mailboxes at the same time, each in a separate browser tab as shown in the screen shot below: If you have multiple accounts from the same provider i.e.

In Thinking About Email Consolidation Strategies, I outlined my desire to simplify the email quagmire in which I've found myself by consolidating multiple accounts on different services into a smaller and more manageable subset of services.

Aside from simply closing unwanted accounts, there are two basic ways to do this, I noted: Via the cloud and via PC- and mobile device-based email apps.

That said, my advice is to consolidate aggressively in the cloud when possible, however, since client consolidation--as you'll see--requires a lot of configuration, and you'll need to repeat these configuration changes each time you reinstall Windows or reset your mobile device.

So the more consolidation you've done in the cloud, the less you'll need to do (repeatedly) on the client.

Domino runs on just about everything too: meaning that your consolidation options include servers running major Windows variants, z OS, Linux, Solaris, and even AIX.