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On this trip, his fans will witness Schlappig's latest mission: a weekend jaunt that will slingshoot him across East Asia — Hong Kong, Jakarta, Tokyo — and back to New York, in 69 hours.

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James gets a chance with a sexy yoga instructor who also happens to be his best friends mom.

With wide ears, Buddy Holly glasses and a shock of strawberry-blond hair, Schlappig resembles Ralphie from if he'd grown up to become a J.

Back beyond the curtain in business class, a dozen jowly faces cast a stony gaze on the crescendos of laughter and spilled champagne — another spoiled trust-fund kid, they've judged, living off his parents' largesse.

Because every class section is essential to learning, students at Craven Community College must register prior to the first meeting of each course.

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