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Dating a firefighters daughter

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Does he have any datable co-workers at the station?

Yes, other people miss them, but not my firefighter. Structures, fully involved (the good stuff) smoke alarms, cat in a tree (ehh I mean they are fireman...soooo still good stuff). It's not that I don't completely respect and in fact ADORE the fact that he does something so awesome, but I need advice on how you other women do it.I worry constantly if he's okay or not and wonder when I'll see him again. and what is the best way for me to show him support? Newbie =] I have been dating my man for 3 months, we been best friends our whole lives but just started dating in June. He just started training not to long ago and now hes always to busy for mean.DON’T and I repeat don’t expect to change these men, if you discover in the first few months of dating a firefighter that with your help and few minor adjustments you can turn him into your dream guy, let him go right then.These men live in a world you cannot imagine, not just the “doing it” part of the job, but the whole thing, the life style of a firefighter, and remember that life is one of the things you find desirable, it’s why you want to date them to begin with. If it is going to work out they will adjust on their own, but pushing early is a deal breaker.We do want each other to find happiness and find a woman.

But that woman has to fit the group, nothing worse than a nightmare girlfriend to create havoc in the team, and if you piss off his friends he will be put in a position at some point of picking you or them, and if you do that it will end poorly.

So where does the line cross where I can ask him to stay home without him feeling like I don't support his job? The firehouse is a differant place than most other jobs.

Carrying a pager while he is "off duty" is something that is becoming more likely as departments are faced with larger buildings with more complex construction.

Russell and Tarantino, who met during a Taco Tuesday event at Sharkeez bar and restaurant in Newport Beach, were looking for ways to let Tarantino stay at home with their now 6-year-old daughter when they came up with the idea of starting a Web site.

Knowing the allure of the uniform, the two launched – a site that hooks up singles with “heroes” – professionals who save lives, such as police officers, firefighters and military personnel, or “enrich” lives, such as lawyers or teachers.

I want to know how long this will last for and if I should wait around for him.