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Aidan turner who is he dating

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Many people started claiming that it might be the greatest heartbreak for him thus quit the show.While asked about their breakup he said:.’After few months of break up with Lenora, he was spotted dating Irish actress Sarah Greene.

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I just ignore it now though and I did at the time as well," she tells the April issue of Image Magazine.The 33-year-old star, who split from girlfriend Netty Wakefield earlier this month, has been spotted spending time with Tomlinson who is also believed to be newly single, according to the Mail Online.The pair, who play husband and wife Ross Poldark and Demelza Poldark in the show, have set the rumour mill going after being seen ‘cosying up’ to one another in a members club in London a few weeks ago.Aidan’s incredibly busy with his career and Nettie’s art is really taking off so they had a lot on their plates.‘It’s all very amicable.’ Nettie is a London based artist who has worked with Banksy at his Dismaland ‘bemusement arcade’ back in 2015 and has also worked with Damian Hirst.The exact reason of their split has never been discussed in the media.

Right after their breakup, it was very hard for the couple to stay together for the drama, thus Aidan decided to quit the show while Lenora stayed and continued her journey.

A source told The Sun: ‘Things were great for a time and they were getting serious – but it just wasn’t to be and busy schedules drove them apart.

‘They’ve drifted and things have cooled off but there are no hard feelings.

The couple also got separated after dating for some years. Going back to the past, Lenora and Aidan first met on the set of BBC Three show “Being Human”.

Soon after knowing each other, the couple started dating since March 2009.

The pair were spotted kissing at a members club in London last October and were then spotted holding hands in a Mayfair restaurant in December and she posted a photograph of him online.