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Blackberry email folders not updating

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Personal Black Berry devices are not allowed on the Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) and thus cannot be synched with your Exchange. Option one is through the Black Berry device To setup your cyrus email on a Black Berry device go to go Setup Email Settings and click Move to transfer the email settings to the new device. Option two is through the Black Berry Internet Service website Click on your carrier's BIS account page and setup an account using your device's IMEI or ESN and PIN number. Each account will populate an individual email icon on your Black Berry.

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i Cloud & Outlook Calendar issues are at i Cloud and Outlook Calendar Sync Issues and Contact issues are at i Cloud and Outlook Contact Sync Issues.To set up your sub-folders, you will first need to set up folder redirection.The settings will only apply to new messages received after the folder redirection changes have been saved.Note: We are currently investigating BES10 and awaiting official hosting guidance from Blackberry.Once we have this information we will conduct testing to ensure our BES10 offering has the same Fanatical Support you expect from Rackspace. This is a corporate device, and it’s connected to my companies Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES), for over the air (OTA) syncing of email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

A few months back, I opted to upgrade my Bold’s operating system to a leaked version of the Black Berry OS.

The latest Outlook security update is causing problems with i Cloud (and attachments).

A registry key is now available that will allow i Cloud (and other affected MAPI services) to work with the patch installed.

i Cloud 2 users should check Outlook and i Cloud 2: What you need to know and Outlook and i Cloud: default data files Users with POP3 accounts seem to have the most problems (but could benefit the most from i Cloud), since the data is local to one computer.

Users with both a Blackberry and i Pad or i Phone seem to be the worst off.

After clicking okay (and entering your password if one exists), click Synchronize.