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Eventually, they would learn she was suffering from a psychiatric condition called, Borderline Personality Disorder. It is characterized by enormous mood swings, emotional outbursts, inexplicable anger and self-harm. Statistics show that up to ten percent of patients who’ve been hospitalized for BPD end their own lives.

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“Everybody is doing it,” said the dealer, who agreed to an interview on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized by his parole officer to give interviews.Seasoned detectives and social workers estimate the number of girls being trafficked in Ontario today to be in the thousands.On the streets, it’s known as “The Game.” Some of the girls are beaten by pimps — whipped with coat hangers heated up on a stove, punched, choked, burnt and forced to sleep naked at the foot of the bed, like dogs.I've cultivated an English group of girlfriends in my hometown of New York, and I unabashedly adore English girls.They tend to lack the inherent cattiness of American girls, attain the ability to make me laugh so hard that tea flies out of my nostrils and have far less hang-ups and issues than us anxious, complicated American girls (myself included).Canada, Ontario: Barrie is a rural area, about 90 km North of Toronto.

There are many bars, homeless people, old people, miners, great views, quiet spots, white people, and semi-attractive girls.

Sexual human trafficking is the forced confinement or transportation of a person for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Contrary to popular belief, almost all of the victims in Canada are Canadian born.

It has an interesting blend of liveliness, solitude, and community.

Barrie would be considered busy to someone from a town, and peaceful to someone from a city.

They are bought and sold — in 2013, police rescued a 17-year-old girl who was traded to a pimp by her own mother for a drug debt.