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You can either do a search online or in your local phone book to see if there are any such venues near you.


Some of the best swinger adventures have taken place on the swinger club scene, but does that really make them the best way to go?You’ll want to contact the event planners or the joint itself to talk to the owners before you just head over. Ich bin die Steffi, 26 Jahre alt und seit 5 Jahren mit meinem Freund zusammen, mit dem ich sehr glücklich bin, ich liebe es zu ficken und ich hab auch schon viel durch gemacht also jetzt so in Sachen Sex.You’ve searched the internet, gone to a few swingers clubs and found a great couple or a few couples. Suddenly, it can feel extremely confusing to know what is expected of you.You want to impress the other couple, while also seeing if you can get along.You and your partner may also want to investigate at the local adult themed stores to find out about private events.

It’s not that local patrons are ashamed of their lifestyle, but other co-workers may not be so accepting so such places allow them to experience other couples without being outed.

Wenn wir im Swingerclub gehen und das gemeinsam, haben wir zusammen Spaß und keiner geht fremd.

Ich glaub ich sollte mir das mal durch den Kopf gehen lassen.

What’s important at this stage is seeing how you communicate, if at all.

If you’re sitting in silence, then it might not be a good sign for a relationship.

Der Sex mit meinem Freund ist echt geil, ich werde auch immer richtig feucht bei ihm.