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USA TODAY found some: PEARL HARBOR — Retired Navy master chief Jim Taylor leaned against a dock railing on Ford Island’s rarely visited northwestern shoreline and drew a hand through the air, gesturing at the torpedoed hulk of a former battleship, its starboard edge still visible above the waterline less than 100 feet away. It was the USS Utah, a former battleship and the only other vessel whose wrecked remains still lay in the waters of Pearl Harbor, in a place where tourists cannot go.The partially exposed wreckage of the USS Utah lies off the shore of Ford Island, where a memorial sits to honor the 64 officers and sailors killed when she was struck by two Japanese torpedoes and capsized.

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Silver Owned by Spark Networks, one of the largest providers of online relationship services worldwide, this site is focused on later-life singles who are "young at heart" and looking for romance or friendship.e Though one of the most expensive sites, e Harmony has grown into the fourth-largest dating site on the Internet, thanks to commercial ads and its popular "29 dimensions of compatibility" mantra.This trip we were on a mission to earn our eats by working our butts off all day and partying all night so I went on some epic adventures including swimming with dolphins, hiking to my favorite lookout, riding horses through ancient valleys, and even trying my hand at Outrigger canoeing (which I’m pretty much in love with by the way).DAY 1: FRIDAY We started the trip out with a serious adventure: we headed about 1 hour west of Waikiki (to the "West Side") to go swimming with dolphins.Dating partners who have a lot of baggage (35 percent)2.Not having a clue where to meet men and meeting too few new men (23 percent)3.Tomich, 48, purposely stayed below decks after the explosion.

“He ordered everybody else to leave,” says Taylor, 77, who has become an unofficial historian of this hidden memorial. If he hadn’t secured the boilers, they would have exploded.”Tomich posthumously was awarded the Medal of Honor in 2006.

Single at 56, Donna Fouts, far right, balances dating, a hectic work schedule, soccer practice, and quality time with her stepdad and mom, Ken and Gen Jenkins, left, and her 28-year-old son, Joshua.

For Fouts and many singles in their 50s, the challenge often is where to meet the opposite sex for companionship and fun.

” That’s because many of the settings are at his lovely, family owned Kualoa Ranch up against the sharp peaks of Koolau Range on the lush windward side of the island.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch The 4,000-acre working cattle ranch has a long history of hosting film crews, dating back to the 1965 film “In Harm’s Way” and including the more recent “Godzilla,” “Jurassic Park,” and “50 First Dates.” The ranch provides tours of filming highlights — as well as horse and all-terrain vehicle rides — and is a must-see stop for die-hard fans jonesing for the “Lost” experience while the show goes into repeats after Wednesday’s finale.

COMPLAIN, COMPLAINHere are the top 3 complaints of single men and women in their 50s, according to an AARP survey: MEN1.