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Who is alaine laughton dating

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Jamaican songstress Alaine Laughton is in town and top on her agenda is looking for a Luhya man she can’t get enough of, Wafula.

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It`s about that very moment when you`re doing something and you wish that they were right there with you., "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure.So we sat down and decided to take a break and try to figure things out back in 2012.We are still friends and continue to raise the most beautiful gift I ever received in my life together. And because I keep a small circle, only our immediate families know.” MC Jessy said.But her first hit single "No Ordinary Love" was done with Don Carleon Records on the Season riddim. Deeper Love, chaka Chaka Love, Heavenly, Wine, Love Sound Rise in Love.She has since recorded and released two albums, "Sacrifice" in 2008 and "Luv A Dub" in August 2009.The Churchill Show comedian confirmed that he is indeed dating Shix Kapienga.

He however made it clear that he DIDN’T leave his wife to be with Shix.

She was born in New Jersey, but moved to Jamaica at the age of three.

In 1998, Alaine appeared in movie Clara's Heart alongside Whoopi Goldberg. Alaine Laughton (born September 21, 1978 in New Jersey) known by her first name, is a reggae singer and songwriter.

Leo churchill, tena Willy Paul sasa baki ya Bahati na Jimmy gaite.

MC Jessy has been under public scrutiny ever since news emerged that he was cheating on his wife with Shix Kapienga.

Jessy explained that he met Shix after splitting with his wife.