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Pomerantz Observatory (MAPO) building appears on the left.Both cameras are used to monitor activities around the South Pole Station and to support international scientific efforts.

Copyright These videos are most likely copyrighted by whoever owns the cameras.A second camera is mounted on the corner of the station showing a view of the radio telescopes in the area known as the Dark Sector, so named for its restrictions on light and radio interference that might affect the sensitive instruments installed there.The BICEP3 and South Pole Telescope (SPT) installation can be seen on the right and the Martin A.Unlike an IP camera (which connects using Ethernet or Wi-Fi), a webcam is generally connected by a USB cable, or similar cable, or built into computer hardware, such as laptops.The term "webcam" (a clipped compound) may also be used in its original sense of a video camera connected to the Web continuously for an indefinite time, rather than for a particular session, generally supplying a view for anyone who visits its web page over the Internet.A notable early resident was Ransford Bucknam a local mariner whose 19th century career took him all over the world including a post as an admiral in the Turkish Navy. Keep in mind to always be respectful, not to comment on any persons activity and avoid personal attacks against other commentators.

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The harbour was first settled in 1826 with the first wharf built in 1836.

In later years, legend held that Hall left treasure behind, attracting treasure hunters who have left abandoned pits deep in the woods surrounding the harbour.

The neighborhood also boasts the one of the largest number of Loyalist-era wooden-built homes in the country.

It has been the backdrop for a number of motion pictures, including “A” The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick and more recently, The Book of Negroes.

The snapshots you see here appear as fair use according to copyright law.