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Tu sueño se ha cumplido, tu cita con Justin Bieber está confirmada.

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Soon enough, adorable little Lucifer’s, Lillith’s (a demon of Jewish folklore) and Kali’s (the Hindu destroyer) will be dominating that classroom register.The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, revealed at E3 on Tuesday, could be a PC game.I don’t mean that there’s any chance of Nintendo releasing it on the PC.As if human or god-like names aren’t powerful enough, Satran also predicts that some parents will turn to the animal kingdom for inspiration.Expect to see a surge in names like Fox, Lynx, Tiger, Falcon and Hawk.I think so, because it signals a potentially huge shift for Nintendo, and could introduce a whole audience of Zelda fans to a new vein of game design that we’ve championed on the PC for years: the systems-driven sandbox.

You think weather and stealth and physics all working together, and being able to approach the world however you want, sounds cool?

Quite possibly Nintendo’s most ambitious game since it defined 3D controls on consoles with Mario 64.

Does any of this really matter, when the game is never actually coming to PC?

With an erratic new president on the horizon, some Americans could be forgiven to looking to the heavens for help next year.

Now a baby name trends expert predicts that some expectant parents may go a step further - and name their new-born children after heavenly bodies.

Writing for Today, Nameberry co-founder Pamela Redmond Satran says that we can expect to see more baby names that defy convention with a trend for unique spellings, non-traditional gender identities and names that embody power.