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Warhol was hailed as the "court painter to the '70s", and superstardom was a powerful aspect of his art; bringing sportspeople into the celebrity cult was a logical step.

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Never far from a social media spat or drama, she was recently stopped and questioned by airport security supposedly because she was carrying a teddy.October 2012 was a month in which various things happened in ‘the world at large’. No, obviously papers have to cover everything – that’s why we buy papers – but everyone also wants to see the entertainment side of things, as well as what’s going on in Afghanistan and different countries. There are all these different stories about them being back together, which is great. It fell out from underneath me and I just smashed onto the floor. Do you agree with Clark that Proper News has gone a bit tits up? Do you think we need some light relief in these dark times? I was trying to be down with the kids and really cool because there were all these kids on the skate park with their bikes and basically I completely stacked it. When I was a kid and someone mentioned Uranus, you always remembered it and found it funny. There are lots of different papers for different people aren’t there? Everyone likes to read different papers and you yourselves are online and people like to read different online blogs. I used to read The Sun a lot and I used to obviously read the Mirror and The Star. If I were to stumble across a planet I’d like to call it something like Uranus, something quite rude. She was then photographed always supporting Leslie in his court case, dress demurely but stylishly in black, and waiting supportively in the background.

Titmuss first acted during her university studies, and then took part-time acting courses at the Central School of Speech and Drama, paid for from her nursing work.

Warhol's Athletes Series, unveiled in 1979, was the result of a friendship with Richard Weisman, an investment banker turned art collector.

Weisman's interest in art came from his parents - his mother Marcia helped found the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA and she and his father were the subjects of David Hockney's 1968 painting American Collectors.

Obviously you’re great pals in real life but you also work together, so is that a work or a personal call?

I mean we could fundamentally be talking about The Xtra Factor, which we do quite a lot, so technically it’s a business call, but for the sake of a couple of quid it’s not worth it. I left my wallet at home so I had to borrow £20 off me tour manager and because I signed a couple of autographs for the chef he gave me £6 off.

Late last year, she showed off a bag of white powder to her followers on Snapchat and she has undergone a second boob job which of course, she shared the story of with her followers.