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She takes medications for anxiety and depression, which she told Lewin makes it difficult for her to concentrate.Lewin, Harbi said, told her he would help her regain some self-confidence.

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That boy also admitted sending nude pictures of himself to several girls.Another common example is when someone posts images they’ve received from their boyfriend/girlfriend after the relationship has ended for revenge or for a ‘laugh’.They can be posted online or even sent to friends or to the person’s employer.Within minutes, she received an email with a screenshot of her Progress page -- a tool only individual learners and their ed X instructor can access (MIT's MOOCs are offered through ed X).Harbi said she was surprised -- not just by the fact that she was communicating with the real Walter Lewin, but also that she was doing well in the course.SOUTHINGTON — Fourteen middle school students who police say had been exchanging nude and partially nude pictures with each other were referred to the town’s juvenile review board after an investigation.

Earlier this month, De Paolo Middle School Vice Principal Chris Palmieri received an anonymous call from an adult who told him they’d seen naked pictures on a girl’s phone, according to a police report. The names of the middle school students were redacted but youths involved were numbered in the report released Thursday.

Sexting is when a person takes an indecent image of themselves and sends it to someone via their mobile phone, usually a boyfriend/girlfriend or somebody they’re ‘seeing’.

It’s usually referred to as sending or receiving naked, dirty or rude pictures or underwear shots. It could be the person loses their phone which has the images on.

Police interviewed juveniles whose pictures had been found on the phones.

Some said they had sent nude photos because another youth had asked for them.

Anyone who has or passes on indecent images of someone under 18 is actually breaking the law.