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Naked 1 on 1 chats

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The gibberbird (Ashbyia lovensis) is a species of chat within the passerine birds.Which means you’ll also understand these 15 stages of being in one only too well… How nice to have everyone in one place - let the banter and good times begin. It’s like that time you saw that guy from Glee and didn’t get a selfie all over again. Georgia’s ‘booked up’ for ‘all of July’, Reanne’s just realised she’s not free on the ‘pencilled in’ August date, Georgette’s suggesting dates and venues that have already been scrapped because she missed the beginning and can’t be bothered to scroll back, while Lucy’s sulking because nobody’s replied to her idea - which, to be fair, got lost in the chaotic melee that is trying to plan ANYTHING in a group chat. The gibberbird has a distinctive visage which is characterized by a grey crown, yellow forehead, face and underbelly with a black to grey-brown rump.The bill is a dark brown to black with grey-brown feet.By registering on our website, you consent to Naked Wines maintaining, recording, holding and using the personal data we collect about you.

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This species, also known at the desert chat or gibber chat is endemic to Australia and the only species within the genus Ashbyia.

This genus was in fact named after the South Australian ornithologist Edwin Ashby.

The iris of the eye is a distinguishing shade of bright yellow.

Unlike other chats, the gibberbird only has slight sexual dimorphisms between the male and female.

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