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Unspoken dating rules

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You will feel like you did something wrong if you come across a family member on Tinder, no matter which way you swipe. How cute the dog is in their picture is a bad reason to swipe right on someone. Once you've Tindered for about a year, everyone in your city will start to look familiar, although you won't know why. Everyone in the coffee shop knows you're on a Tinder date.

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But, for this post, we’re going to focus more on the unspoken rules that many online daters don’t even know existed: The first unspoken rule on this list has to do with being specific when building your dating profile.Continuing our list is the unspoken online dating rule that says you should never put “I asked my friend to describe me, and he/she said…” on your dating profile because you’re going to come off as a person who is not capable of thinking about himself and writing his own profile.Being too modest when you compose your dating profile, or when you talk to a woman online is a big no-no because it comes off as a lack of self-esteem.I'm convinced that as women we are emotional human beings who often find ourselves blurring the lines between love and lust.How are we supposed to have sex with someone whose company you like but you aren’t supposed to fall for?For women who say they don’t believe in this rule, have you been on a date where the guy passes the cheque to you? Don’t add each other on social media on the first date: You’ll be tagged a stalker if you do that. You guys just met, you might have clicked and enjoyed each other’s company, so why not add each other on social media? Dates mean fancy places: Movies are to be blamed for this.

And if you have, did you go back on a date with him? And even if you don’t add them, aren’t you going to check out their profile or handle anyway? They paint a picture of this perfect date with champagne and candle lights and then everyone defines a date with that picture.

Get creative and find better ways to spend time with each other.

Don’t reply to the texts immediately: We are not saying that you start writing essays in your response but if you are available, a simple response to the text once you receive it is basic etiquette.

If you thought you had too many rules to follow in school, what’s your opinion about dating? The list of both unspoken rules and spoken rules never seems to end. While some basic dating rules make it easy to handle first dates, there are some that are absolutely unfair like these ones: Guy approaches first: Isn’t is just fine to go approach him yourself and show the confidence and courage?

You are expected to follow some old traditions, adapt to the new ones and then have a set of personal rules that you both agree with. Did you know, 72% of Indian men said they want women to propose? Most men are chivalrous and will obviously pay on the first date but at least have the courtesy to offer to pay.

The online dating game has changed with all the developments that happened over the past years.