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Updating table of contents changes font

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This reduces the amount of duplicated code and means that if the UI changes, the fix need only be applied in one place.

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You can also reopen and update a widget using the small down-facing arrow, or remove it by clicking Delete.Fonts are one of several areas that are highly platform specific, so how you specify them is important.The font command reference provides full details on specifying fonts, as well as other font-related operations.hence was unable to get the geolocation of inside emulator . Now, I want to create a native mobile app with Ionic and Angular-4. Today i started create new project using Net Core Angular with VS 2017 by dotnet new --install Microsoft. Geb is a developer focused tool for automating the interaction between web browsers and web content.(You’ll see that option to the right of Themes on that menu.) This takes you to the Customizer, where you’ll be able to add and remove and configure widgets for your site. Your theme’s available widget areas will display (and might look a bit different from this): To add a widget, first click on a widget area. The Customizer will show all of the available widgets that you can add.

Scroll the alphabetized list of widgets, or use the search field at the top to find one. The Customizer will then display a box to configure the widget’s settings.

Most of the themed widgets that display text don't have a configuration option, unlike the classic Tk widgets.

Rather than modifying individual widgets, the correct approach in the themed widgets is to specify the fonts used in a style, and then use that style for the individual widget.

This is akin to the difference between hardcoding display-oriented markup like font tags inside HTML pages, vs.

using CSS stylesheets that keep all the display specific information in one place.

This chapter describes how Tk handles fonts, colors and images.