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Rana Harbi posted the picture with the caption: 'This is not a joke. The first meeting of the first "Girls Council" in Saudi Arabia.'Fellow writer did the same with a caption reading: 'Satire? with ZERO girls.' Jonathan Nicholas poked fun at Saudi Arabia's track record of women's rights, by saying: 'Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia the Qassim Girls Council meets again to discuss women's issues.

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Saudi Arabia, which has strict segregation laws regarding unrelated men and women, is aiming for a major boost in female employment in the conservative Islamic kingdom but women need not go to an office, the labour ministry said on Monday.'Telework' and work from home will generate up to 141,000 jobs by 2020, providing 'decent and proper' employment particularly for women and the disabled, the ministry said in a statement.This Hub about dating in Saudi Arabia (KSA) is very much aimed at the men working in Saudi Arabia who want to date Muslim Saudi girls and women of other nationalities.This is aimed at helping them to find a woman here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and contains lots of advice and stories given to me by others here in the kingdom – not my own experiences I promise (my wife would kill me).But that aside, it is not impossible to go on dates in KSA and meet some very lovely women here, after all I met my wife in the kingdom where she had worked for ten years as a nurse.You can also meet girls that will happily spend time with you for a few hundred riyals.Why, then, less than a week after her funeral, did photos of a teenage girl performing oral sex on a boy in a field become the second worldwide trending topic on Twitter on Monday?

And why were there endless jokes, insults and disapprobation slung her way, and not at the boy concerned?

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Prince Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud, al-Qassim's governor, spearheaded the launch, and even said he was proud to be a part of the first initiative of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

'In the Qassim region, we look at women as sisters to men, and we feel a responsibility to open up more and more opportunities that will serve the work of women and girls,'he said, according to the BBC. 'This is actually happening: The very first meeting of the first "Girls Council" in Saudi Arabia...

When it comes to online safety, social media is repeatedly and unrepentantly failing teenagers.