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Dating seth thomas clock movement

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Whatever you are looking for in the grandfather clock repair field, (or tallcase clock as our American friends call them ) we can probably help, from a brand new 8 day movement to a rebuilt antique movement, or just a new wheel or pinion or escapement for your much loved old Family Heirloom, or maybe get it running reliably again after many years standing silent in the corner - - - - email or phone for a quote today.andrew clayton clockmaker, brass dial restorer, weight driven, mechanical,longcase specialist, antique clock dealer, repeater, repeating work, painted dial, seconds, moon phase, moon roller, moon, weights, weight, lantern clock repairs, posted frame, striking, chiming, musical clock, anchor, timepiece, setting up, grandfather repair specialist, clock specialist, Lancashire, pendulum, tall-case, grand-father, long-case, part supplier, movement restorer, pinion cutting, wheel cutting, dial restorer, dial maker, wheel maker, grandfather repairs, longcase restorer, supplier, clock maker, dial, wheel, repairer, clock maker, wood turner, ornamental turner, brass turner, antique restorers, antique restoration, clean, overhaul, design, horologist, horology, wheelcutting, eight day, eightday, 30hour, 30 hour, thirty hour, dial maker, clock dial, clock wheel, longcase clock repair, grandfather clock repair.It’s quite easy to date a painted dial longcase clock.

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Where two dialmakers’ names are stamped there, it is often when one maker took over the unused stock of another and a very useful guide indeed for dating a dial.mantle clock of which we've only had a couple available to us over the past 18 years. The engraved and silvered brass dial is 16" in diameter and is 1/8" thick. The beat scale in thick brass, finely engraved and silvered. The nautical theme reverse painted glasses are signed by the artist, Tom Moberg. Item ID - 2061 - Michael Paul Miniature New Hampshire Mirror Clock - Ca. Item ID 2059 - Michael Paul Miniature Willard Grafton Wall Clock - The mahogany case is 13" tall with a 2" dial. The 8 day weight driven movement and weight are also marked Foster Campos as is the backboard of the case. The beautiful reverse painted glass is signed by the artist - Tom Moberg. Please view the photos carefully to appreciate the fine workmanship on this timepiece. Click on the title above the photo to see many high resolution images.due to disability) I am more than happy to come out an visit to provide repairs on any type of clock, portable or otherwise.Most of the clocks I repair have a high sentimental value to their owners and are being repaired for that reason as opposed to any consideration of value or age.Seth Thomas used this movement in only three models, the Atlas shown here and Hecla (shelf clocks), and the wall-hanging "Marcy".

Many collectors seek to own all three over time (no pun).

For a full understanding, read Brian Loomes’ book “Painted Dial Clocks”.

ABBOTT – PLACE UNKNOWN – clock dials C1810 or 1820 ADAM, JOSEPH – GLASGOW – clock dials 1837 ALLDRIDGE, EDWARD – 37 DEAN ST., BIRMINGHAM 1833-61 ALLDRIDGE, EDWIN – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1833 to 1864 ANDERSON & CO – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1790 ASHWIN & CO – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials c1790 to c1800 ASHWIN & BYRNE – BIRMINGHAM 1792-98 BAKER & SON – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1846 BAKER, RICHARD – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1841 to 1866 BAKER, SAMUEL – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1823 to 1850 BAKER, SAMUEL & SON – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1858 BAKER, THOMAS – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials & clock maker 1839 to 1850 BAKER, WILLIAM I – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1822 to 1831 BAKER, WILLIAM II – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials & clock maker 1854 to 1867 BATKIN, WILLIAM & SON – BIRMINGHAM – printed dials 1803 BEACH, JOSEPH I – BIRMINGHAM – 1849 to 1863 BEACH, JOSEPH II – BIRMINGHAM – 1849 to 1880 BEILBY & HAWTHORNE – NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE – clock dials 1796 – c1817 BEILBY HAWTHORNE & WHITTAKER – HALIFAX & NEWCASTLE – clock dials c1800 BELL & MEUDELL – EDINBURGH – clock dials 1832 to 1849 BELL, P.

– EDINBURGH – japanned ware (but probably not dials) 1773 CROW, EDWARD – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1822 to 1839 CROW, THOMAS – BIRMINGHAM – clock dials 1841 to 1852 DALLAWAY, WILLIAM – EDINBURGH – clock dials 1775 to 1793 & later DALLAWAY & SON – EDINBURGH – clock dials c1797 to 1812 (&later?

I work from Braintree Antiques Centre where people bring their clocks to me for estimates and pick/up drop off.

The highly carved and beautifully finished mahogany case is 91" tall, 30" wide and 10" deep. The glass jars of the pendulum have lead shot instead of mercury but mercury could be substituted to provide the temperature compensation of the original pendulums. Click on the title above the photo to see many high resolution images. The simple delicate Shaker lines of the clock are beautifully complemented by the vertical figured grain of the mahogany door. The 7" dial is marked Foster Campos Pembroke, Mass. The workmanship, as with all Campos clocks, is superb. Matching serial number 105903 on wood back and movement dates the clock to 1916. The brass rope front, mahogany case is 15 1/2" tall. Click on the title above the photo to see many high resolution images. Click on the title above the photo to see many high resolution images. The frame fronts are black with stenciled decoration. The clock is ready to become a family heirloom for generations to come. Click on the title above the photo to see many high resolution images. and has the trademark pine tree outside the minute ring.