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Speed dating for teen agers

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Bo Derek married John Derek in 1976 when she was 18 and he was 48. Maybe it was the result of working in an industry that forces kids to grow up too fast.

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That’s because struggling in school can lower kids’ self-esteem.Who is the most famous person who got married as a teenager?This list of famous young lovers loosely ranks the teenage husbands and wives by fame and popularity. The once-troubled child star was engaged for the first time at just 16 years old, and eventually got married (to someone else) when she was 19. Maybe it was the fun of wedding planning or the hope of living happily ever after.Five years later, that same group was questioned about health behaviors — things like suicidal thoughts, self-esteem, sexually risky behavior, depression, smoking and drug use — as well as if they had been the recipient of aggressive behavior by their partner in the past year.That could include being threatened with violence, pushed, shoved, hit, slapped or kicked.The researchers found that 30% of both boys and girls reported being victims of some form of violence in their dating relationships.

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Beneath the glare of the spotlight, these celebrities who got married young quickly learned some tough lessons about love and life.

For some, it was a teenage dream that lasted for decades, for others it was more of a nightmare.

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Even before there were dating sites for teenagers, Hollywood stars were all about getting hitched.

Difficulties with self-control, social skills and other common challenges can make adolescents more inclined to make poor choices.