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Leo male traits on dating

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Flattery will get you everywhere with the Leo woman. They tend to take lengthy time periods to figure out where they really are.

He loves to go out, and is in love with love, and that can’t happen if he hides in the house. Let’s call our Leo guy Charles, and James is going to be the potential Aries boyfriend.They love the attention being in the spotlight gives them.As a rule, these men are not shy about sharing what is on their mind.Leos love attention; they have a regal bearing, and are always an exciting part of any group.He can be a little bit intimidating; so how can you get him to pay attention to you?The symbol representing Pisces is that of two fish, each one swimming in the opposite direction yet connected by a fine cord.

For the Pisces woman, there is always the temptation to drift along through life in the world of daydreams (which in her case are full Technicolor productions) as opposed to staying focused on the real world around her.

Element: Fire Planetary Ruler: Sun Most Compatible: Sagittarius, Aries Long Term Compatibility: Aquarius Sign Type: Fixed Are you crushing on a Leo man? Leo people just shine, it’s like the world is a play, and he’s the star of the show.

They always have a commanding presence, and really know how to make an entrance into a room.

The Leo man knows where he is going and is able to make decisions with confidence. As in other areas of his life, he will want to take charge in the bedroom as well.

This is an admirable trait and one that the Pisces woman will certainly appreciate since many Pisceans like to drift along with life's currents rather than taking charge in any given situation. Women born under the sign of Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac.

The Leo Man Pisces Woman combination of personality traits in a relationship is a recipe for a romantic mismatch.