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Super Mansion, the trio’s animated Crackle series, plucks the superhero-centric bits from Robot Chicken’s quick-hit comedy cavalcade and fashions a half-hour sitcom out of the misadventures of The League Of Freedom, a team of largely inept superheroes led by aging Superman stand-in Titanium Rex, voiced by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston (also an executive producer).Blundering out from the titular superhero clubhouse to battle evil (and accidentally topple a national monument here and there), the team is made up of the usual roster of eccentrically abled-and-costumed types.

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Black Saturn (Tucker Gilmore) is the gravel-voiced Batman type, here envisioned as a spoiled trust-fund baby, relying on gimmicks and his (living) parents’ cash to fuel his crime-fighting.

Super Mansion creators Matthew Senreich and Zeb Wells, alongside co-executive producer Seth Green, have collectively epitomized that love/love-to-hate relationship in their long-running stop-motion Robot Chicken series for years.

Sure, they’re making their Aquaman and Wonder Woman action figures say and do rude things to each other—but they do own the action figures in the first place.

A hangout comedy where the people hanging out are collectively and individually the worst people in the world makes for humor that, from the outside, can seem like an endorsement of the very thing it’s satirizing.

For one thing, the cast and writers of this series—now beginning their 12th season—are astoundingly adept at mining incredibly shitty behavior for laughs that should by all rights have gone stale in a quarter of that time.

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