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Woody harrelson dating

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No word on what made the twosome finally decide to make things legal.The couple, who reside in Maui, often blog about their life on Voice, a site they co-founded which encourages organic living.

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Lost In London was shot on the streets with one camera in just one take — a process that caused severe insomnia: “I wasn’t really dealing with the stress of it very well. I’d lie awake thinking about all the things that weren’t working.The cap-wearing actor posed for pictures with fans and door staff alike as he left the Frederick Street venue. ”Harrelson, 55, from Texas, will star in the forthcoming Star Wars spin-off movie. Jumping in a black cab he dodged one eager fan’s question: “Woody, are you signing for Hibs?Woody Harrelson says he is “psyched” to be shooting the new Star Wars movie at Pinewood Studios and is revelling in his time “living as an expat” in London.​ In an exclusive interview with the Standard, the star says he fell in love with the city while shooting his comedy Lost In London, and is now living here until he finishes his role in the upcoming Han Solo spin-off film.Speaking from the set, he teased that his character will be on the light side of the Force, saying: “I am totally psyched to be making a Star Wars film. What I can say he’s a good character, he is a mentor to Han and a criminal, but good at heart.” The film is expected to be out next May.But it was the vegan beefcake's choice of footwear, which highlighted the fact he had neglected to trim his toenails, which really caught the eye.

The self-confessed anarchist was certainly quite the contrast to his co-star Andy Serkis, 53, who looked relatively dashing in a smart black suit and leather shoes.

"He likes to talk about himself as the 'happy hippie,' and I'd say most of the time, that's what he is," says Oren Moverman, who directed Harrelson in 'The Messenger,' a role that earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor in 2009, as well as in the recent 'Rampart,' as a dirty cop on one heck of a serious decline.

And for much of today, Harrelson is indeed just that, the happy hippie, laid-back, grinning, a fun fellow to hang around with as he holds forth on his love of sports (favorites include but are not limited to tennis, basketball, ping-pong, soccer, kitesurfing, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, bocce, darts, and foosball – "I love foosball!

Thankfully 29-year-old Canadian beauty Sara Canning was on hand to add some much needed glamour, turning heads in a flattering black dress.

And The movie's 13-year-old star Amiah Miller played dress up by turning up in a stunning gown.

Louie and Harrelson have three daughters - Deni, 15, Zoe, 12, and Makani, 2, who they referred to as their "goddess trilogy" after the birth of Makani.