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A judge granted a temporary restraining order, which means the women and children in this lawsuit cannot be deported while they wait for a hearing that has been scheduled for May 19.With options dwindling and deportation considered “imminent,” four families being held for nearly two years at the infamous Berks Family Residential Center have filed a class action lawsuit against U. Attorney Jeff Sessions, seeking release based on a special immigration status granted to their children.

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The Safe House provides up to 30 days emergency shelter, counseling and referrals for adults and children.The Medical Advocacy Project provides a counselor/advocate on call 24/7 to meet with DV/SV victims who present at St.Joseph's Medical Center and the Reading Hospital and Medical Center.The Pennsylvania Barn appeared late in the 18th century and flourished from about 1820 to about 1900.It is most common in the southeast and central parts of the state (although it can be found in many parts of the state).The lawsuit, filed Monday in the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania by Philly lawyer Michael Edelman and Berks County lawyers Bridget Cambria and Carol Anne Donohoe, is to some extent a last-ditch option in a saga dating back 20 months — with at least one child who’s learned to walk and talk while in custody there.

It comes immediately after legal action concerning the families’ asylum requests was denied US Supreme Court review, potentially opening them up for the completion of deportation hearings.

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The four mothers and their children in the lawsuit have asked for and been denied new asylum hearings, with a court ruling last year they didn’t even have the right to sue.

As they’ve waited for the court process — and had their deportation proceedings stayed — the children have been able to apply for Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) status.

Four children, unnamed in the lawsuit, have been granted the status, which aids in the process of getting a green card.