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Eddie Peck (Tommy Mc Kay) and John Hoge (Detective Ratagan). Also - Margaret Michaels makes one appearance as former main character Pamela Barnes Ewing, and Jenna Pangburn appears in two episodes as Pamela Rebecca Cooper, a character played by Deborah Kellner in the 1996 television film Dallas: J. Returns and Julie Gonzalo in the 2012 Dallas revival series. realizes she may be a more fitting Ewing bride than he believed. Cliff doesn't react well when Bobby tells him that he has decided to make J. a full partner at Ewing Oil, that is until he hears about the European deal; Sue Ellen and Don go to L. to cast roles for the movie; Cally is determined to improve herself believing that it will make her a more suitable wife for J.

Like the other DVD sets of the shows last five seasons, it does not include any extras. R.; Cliff agrees to join Ewing Oil and he and Bobby go to a pool hall to celebrate, while there Bobby meets Tracey Lawton, who is hustling another one of the patrons; Casey's relationship with Lucy isn't progressing as quickly as he'd like; Clayton is infuriated after discovering that Carter Mc Kay has dammed his part of the river that runs through Southfork, leaving the cattle on Southfork with no water; J. repeatedly tries to find a way out of the penal camp, but he only ends up worse off than before. accept her as his wife; a visit from Bruce Harvey, the movie producer Sue Ellen used to lure Mandy Winger out of Dallas, starts Sue Ellen thinking about buying a movie studio; John Ross doesn't like having a new step-mother; J. overhears Cliff tell Bobby about a very lucrative deal, then J. gets April to purchase it for their company; Sue Ellen meets the new Mrs. Cally makes a friend at Southfork; due to her feelings for Bobby, Tammy and Cliff end their relationship; Tracey agrees to work for her father at West Star; an unexpected source gives Cally advice on how to get J. Carter has Tracey learn all she can about the history of West Star Oil; J. has a long talk with Joseph Lombardi concerning the events that lead to Nicholas' death; John Ross believes that Cally is standing in the way of his parents getting back together; Cliff talks to Bobby about selling some old Ewing Oil properties, but those properties are controlled by J. Also: writer Louella Lee Caraway is also billed executive coordinator. is charged and convicted of rape and sent to a backwoods penal camp. R.; Christopher feels left out now that John Ross has accepted Cally as his step-mother; Sue Ellen and Don have an argument over the script for the movie; with his relationship with Tracey having reached a standstill, Bobby starts spending more time with his new friend April; J. thinks that he finally has what he needs to get Bobby to allow him back completely into Ewing Oil. R., the two of them get trapped in the elevator at Ewing Oil; Sue Ellen begins to wonder if hurting J. is worth possibly hurting the rest of the Ewing family; Tommy apologizes to April for his behaviour at Southfork the night of J. and Cally's wedding, but later he gets angry with her when she again rejects his overly aggressive advances; stuck in the elevator all night, Bobby and J. The twelfth season of Dallas' was released by Warner Bros. The drought continues; Sue Ellen is determined to get back at J. Cliff sells Barnes-Wentworth Oil to Jeremy Wendell; Casey romances Lucy; Miss Ellie suggests that Bobby ask Cliff to be a partner in Ewing Oil; Cally's brothers catch her in bed with J. Believing it to be due to a woman, the Ewings aren't very concerned about J. Sue Ellen is introduced to Don Lockwood, the man that is to write and direct the uncomplimentary movie she wants to make about J. Of course most are stolen photos by dating scammers from people that have no idea that their photos are being used in this way.Many are actresses, models, porn stars, and other famous people too, who's photos are being used by scammers.When a powerful Yakuza leader Mitsua Usagi (Danny Kamekona) is killed in Tokyo by Congressman Leo Cabe's assistant, Karl Jaeker (John S.

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Trying to solve the case, Walker discovers that the robbery could have been a test for a much bigger goal: simultaneously robbing four banks lying next to each other. Alex had put Baker away because he routinely beat up suspects, and he terrorized anyone who complained about it.