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Books like jessica guide to dating on the dark side

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I tend to want to throw or punch book I dislike more so than ones I enjoy, though, it has happened.

I've read books that make me want to throw them across the room and then stomp on them because I hated the characters and/or the plot and couldn't believe that I was wasting my time on them. I'm at the library & my copy of The Knife of Never Letting Go came in.She believes that he may be one of the suspects in this murder mystery she is trying to crack.But, there is a huge bump in the road for Millie --- the head cheerleader Vivienne Fitch is on to this case as well, and she isn’t backing down.But when an Elder is mysteriously destroyed on the grounds of their estate – and all signs, including a bloodstained stake – point to Lucius, Antanasia is forced to stand alone, because Lucius is detained in the Vladescu dungeons until he can be tried.Trying to guide someone through the labyrinth of vampire deluge can be a harrowing experience for all.Once she realizes something has gone awry at school, she gets out her notebook and begins reporting. He is almost fluent in French, a straight A student, and very close with Coach Killdare.

Millie has a huge crush on Chase, but she puts her feelings aside after she sees him regularly visiting Coach Killdare’s home.

The author currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and her three daughters.

BUZZKILL features Millie Ostermeyer, a 17-year-old who loves to write and read novels.

With the wedding novella that followed, it seemed that things were left pretty well tied up with Jessica and Lucius.

So it was a pleasant surprise to find another book in the Jessica series, and to see what happened after the wedding.

Oh, and I also was surprised at how much I enjoyed Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.