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Pillsbury dating

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There's a filet mignon in my fridge that expired four days ago, but it seems OK to me.

The fact is that expiration dates mean very little.As for pre-packaged greens, studies show that nutrient loss in vegetables is linked to a decline in appearance.When your broccoli florets yellow or your green beans shrivel, this signals a depletion of vitamins.A state medical examiner determined Jones, who was studying to be a beautician in Waterville, suffered three wounds — one above the ear, one on the right side of the neck and one under her chin — according to the affidavit.Something I would taste on this afternoon, in the peaceful hum of a conference room in a hotel in Orlando, was worth a million dollars as the grand-prize winner of the 45th Pillsbury Bake-Off.Frank Mc Court's wife, Jamie, may have unceremoniously gotten the ax as CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but she is clearly trying to move on with her personal life.

We got these pictures of Jamie yesterday, lunching in Malibu with Jeff Fuller -- the new guy in her life.

Theodora Smafield won $50,000 (nearly $480,000 in today's dollars) for her No-Knead Water-Rising Twists. Twenty years later, the grand prize rose to $1 million.

To fund this contest, which requires an army of recipe-testers and other support staff, Pillsbury and its parent, General Mills, enlist sponsors such as Mc Cormick, Hershey, Crisco, Jif, and Land O'Lakes.

And when one of my colleagues is helping lead that charge, I feel compelled to write about it (and if I have learned anything from this election cycle, it’s that there is simply no such thing as an inappropriate time for a product plug). They are calling it a “one-stop shop” for cybersecurity risk assessments and compliance.

It was the brainchild of my colleague Christy Weisner (a UVA Law grad and former Mayer Brown associate) and the co-chair of Pillsbury’s Cybersecurity Task Force, Brian Finch.

The following year, she made her feature film debut with a supporting role in Red Eye.