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Depending on what they decide, you then prep the rest.Gather items based on their menu request and let the rest of the night take it from there!

12/4/03 - David Hemmings - LONDON - David Hemmings, the British actor who attained international stardom as the existential fashion photographer in the 1966 film "Blow Up," has died at age 62, his agent said Thursday.(Gulp, nobody better spill the beans to my husband!) There was a LOT of collaborating of ideas on this one so I have to give a big thanks to my fellow divas! Continue Reading Anniversary Food Ideas Ahh, the anniversary; that once a year event where the two of you celebrate another year of adventure, happiness, and—you guessed it—love!I was already a fan and now that I know the creator is JUST as darling as her crafts, I love her site even more! One of the neatest things my family did every Christmas Eve was gather around the Christmas tree and we would either act out the Christmas Story or my dad would read it to us out of the Bible.I am Tara, one of the *divas* blogging for the website, The Dating Divas. I love the reason behind why we celebrate it, I love the smells, I love the decorations, I love an excuse to get presents for others, I love how people are thinking about others during this time, I love the lights, I love the food…. Afterwards, each child would get to open a small present from my parents. Oh no, they were ornaments that represented an accomplishment that you had achieved that year.Package all of your bedroom goodies in a small box and our fantasy take-out tag!

Then, as the evening unfolds you can pull surprises out from the box!

Now that you’ve collected all of your items, let’s put it all together. Are you ready to say GOOD-BYE to mundane, boring, and sizzled intimacies???

I’m imagining all of you jumping up for joy and saying “YES!

I am married to my best friend, addicted to crafting & coming up with creative dates for my sweetie & me, AND I blogging with some of my closest friends. On The Dating Divas website, we are all about creative ideas that will help strengthen our relationships. My parents would search high & low to find JUST the right ones.

My friends & I were determined NOT to become “boring old couples” who sat around and watched TV all day. so we decided to take turns coming up with SUPER creative, inexpensive, and fun date ideas that we could all try! In fact, my mom actually found a few ornament companies that specialized in creating original ornaments – those were some of my favorites!

Today I am going to share a fun “Spouse Christmas Countdown” with you that was a HUGE hit in our household! Hold on a sec, before we get started, Kristyn asked that I answer a few questions for all of you. My senior year in high school, I was involved in a LOT at school. It was a cute little bear standing in front of a podium with a mike on it.