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Deaf and hearing dating

There are so many deaf dating sites available on the internet that it can be difficult to find the right one.Most deaf dating sites cater to deaf and hard of hearing people, so if you are a hearing ASL student, you should look into these sites further to find one where you might fit in.

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By the time I was 18 months old, I was declared profoundly deaf, meaning I cannot hear anything.The difficulties boil down to a few major areas: cultural difference, communication difference, and power dynamics.Cultural difference: You know how they say "women are from Venus, men are from Mars"? We really DO think and perceive things differently from Hearing people in many ways.I’ve met Deaf people who swear they’d never go out with a hearing person (which seems a tad discriminatory – we wouldn’t like it if a hearing person said they’d never date a Deafie, would we?) while others are more flexible, saying it depends more on the individual.Of course, it shouldn’t really matter who a Deaf person gets together with – it should be about their connection with that person, not how much that person can hear. Will they remember to communicate clearly even when they’re stressed, or they’re in a group, or when the initial spark dies down and they’re arguing about who should have done the washing up?

But in reality, the success of any relationship comes down to communication, and this is the particular challenge facing couples where one is deaf and one hearing. Of course, the deaf person bears just as much responsibility for this.

To not close their eyes in the middle of an argument, shutting the other person out?

It could be that the couple develop a great understanding with each other, but then there’s the next steps.

The main thing that keeps our long-distance relationship going, is love!

If you love each other, you are willing to make it work.

Singles enjoy chat rooms, message boards, photo personals, a photo gallery, anonymous private mailboxes, and much more.”ASL Singles “provides a comfortable platform for deaf or hearing impaired people to find friendship, romance and love.