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Reese witherspoon and joaquin phoenix dating

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Even sitting next to a shaggy-haired, mutton chop-wearing Joaquin Phoenix she looks highly strange, though I guess that's just what the early 1970s were like.

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She found love again with powerful talent agent Jim Toth.When asked about reuniting with Reese Witherspoon onscreen after and whether he's ever taken the actress out on a date, Phoenix again joked that he and Witherspoon are engaged, to the audience's applause.And when Ripa started teasing him about his hairstyles in the Paul Thomas Anderson film, he beamed and asked her, "Are we engaged? Reese Witherspoon was still nursing her third child, a newborn son, when a script about the “lost boys of Sudan” came to her two years ago.She was initially hesitant, she recalls: “I’d just had a baby and was taking care of this little infant and you know how your brain is confused right after you’ve had a baby?My character is just as emotionally distraught, just as lost, and just as without family as they are, and I thought that was a beautiful opportunity to talk about how family is where you find it,” says the actress, who admits the character’s drab wardrobe also helped conceal some post-baby bulge.

A conscientious parent in her own life, cognisant of the changing notion of family in today’s society, she adds: “I think it’s also a great message for families; I think it’s great to take your kids to this movie, it brings up a lot of dinner-table conversations that we should all be having.”She was just 23 years old when she had the first of two children with actor Ryan Phillippe.

" The exchange follows the actor's puzzling and largely silent "I did not play a prank on him — he knew that I was joking around," he said in reference to telling Letterman he was getting married to his yoga instructor. I was in bed too, I was getting ready for this show.

I have no idea what I said." He then denied doing yoga at all.

The country legend gave his stamp of approval on the casting choice, however.

‘Gladiator’ was one of his favorite movies, and he thought the actor would do a fine job.

In a preview piece about the New York Film Festival, The Los Angeles Times has posted the latest still from ...