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Can updating bios cause bsod

can updating bios cause bsod-48

Trick: Black Screen of Death is also called BSOD, but reasons for both errors should be different.

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You might need to choose the correct key to press according to what you see on the notification.Before repairing Windows 10 BSOD, you'd better backup all useful data saved in the partition where Windows is installed, which could help you avoid data loss.In addition, it is also the first step if you have to reinstall Windows. If Windows finally starts, just transfer files out from this partition.Windows 10 blue screen often comes with error codes displayed in white text, for example: But sometimes it is just a blank blue screen or with spinning dots: Sometimes, it just happens once, and you'll not see it again when you restart, but sometimes you'll be stuck in BSOD restart loop.After knowing causes for Windows 10 Stop Error, next let's talk about how to fix it.We take each scenario and explain what to do in each case.

Blue Screens in Windows 10/8 are simple and do not display Stop Error information.

I’ll try to list out the pros and cons of both schools of thought.

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As as computer user, you’ve probably heard of the BIOS by now, which stands for Basic Input/Output System.

It’s that blue DOS-like screen that pops up if you press F8 or F2 while the computer is starting. It’s code that is stored on a chip attached to your motherboard and is the first code that is run when your computer starts.

You may need to work from the top down to find the right solution for you.